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Our farmers deserve recognition. These real-life heroes have relentlessly served our country through an uncertain time. Engol would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who makes up that all-important supply chain that continues to support the essential agricultural producers who put food on tables across South Africa,’ says Paul Leask, Engol’s business manager. This includes everyone – from workers on the land to packers, retailers and even co-ops. Support, an encouraging word and sound advice are invaluable during times like these, Leask points out. He also extends his thanks to the employees at Engol who have continued to supply a range of high-performance products to a diverse base of customers in often closely connected and inter-related sectors such as agriculture, forestry, transport, engineering, construction and mining. As an innovative brand in the lubricants industry in Southern Africa, Engol provides a comprehensive range of high-performance, quality-guaranteed oil, greases and utility products that have been specially developed and formulated for gruelling African conditions. These products lubricate and protect a range of machines and components that are as diverse as Africa itself. Engol’s comprehensive range is manufactured to global standards, using world-class materials. It includes crankcase oils, gearbox lubricants, transmission fluids, tractor oils, two-stroke oils, industrial oils, greases and utility products. ‘We have worked tirelessly to refine our high-performance product range while developing an effective and efficient supply chain network to support our customers,’ explains Leask. Engol is built on four key pillars – relationships, products, supply and innovation. When it comes to relationships, Engol adopts a customer-driven approach to everything it does. It provides tailored, flexible solutions, a knowledgeable and energetic sales team, a single point of contact for orders and sales support, and sound technical and product support. Engol’s products speak for themselves and are quality-guaranteed, OEM-approved and manufactured to global standards. These are delivered via an effective and efficient supply chain, which relies on an expanding network of depots across the region, and on flexible manufacturing and an integrated e-commerce offering. Going forward, Engol will continue to embrace innovation by adopting new technology to enhance customers’ experiences, implementing user-friendly, adaptable and versatile e-commerce applications, focusing on product and application development, and monitoring and evaluating performance. ‘The passionate and highly-trained industry experts at Engol strive to adopt a customer-driven approach in everything they do. Offering tailored solutions, a single point of contact for orders and sales and exceptional technical and product support which makes Engol well positioned to service the lubricant, greases and utility fluids requirements of their customers,’ he says. Over the coming months, Engol’s core purpose will be to continue to provide farmers with complete peace of mind, knowing that their equipment is protected with products of the highest calibre.