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Choosing the correct lubricants enhances efficiency and productivity, this is critical during planting season. We’ve got great news for you. From the 1st of September to the 1st of December, we will be running a promotion on our comprehensive range of oils and lubricants through direct sales and our partner, TWK. With performance guaranteed, Engol oils are made for Africa, and they work just as hard as you do.

As an independent lubricant supplier to the agricultural sector, we know the importance ofcustomer-centered solutions that ensure that machinery, components and equipment function optimally and are protected through the use of high-quality lubricants.

Our Engol range of OEM-approved products – which includes crankcase oils, gearbox lubricants, transmission fluids, tractor oils, two-stroke oils, industrial oils, greases and utility products – are manufactured to stringent global standards using world-class raw materials.

Through a strategy that is based on four key deliverables – relationships, supply, protection and solutions – we have built a customer-focused ethos based on a deep understanding of the needs of the sectors we serve. This ensures that our solutions are flexible and customised to meet

specific business objectives. Because our core purpose is to protect, solve and exceed through the supply of quality lubricants, we also support customers in the agricultural sector via expert service, ongoing advice and technical support.This is made possible by a world-class supply chain built on sustainable partnerships that enable the efficient movement of packed lubricants throughout the region. With an expanding network of depots, we can meet the growing demand for our products.We would love the opportunity to partner with you and support your efficiency. View our products page or contact our partner TWK for more information on our products and offering.